Transformational education to EMPOWER you and your child, ages 5-14.

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Mindful Evolution (ME) is committed to guiding women and children towards self-love, forming positive connections and taking inspired action to be the leaders of their own lives…one thought, one emotion and one choice at a time.

Our Values


Be real and true to yourself and others.

Sharing Wisdom

To be the best version of ourselves, we must keep an open mind and welcome education that is presented to us that will help to elevate our existence. We have a duty to share our knowledge to empower and inspire others.


We, particularly children, require nourishment in mind, body and soul to experience health in every aspect of our lives, thrive and reach our full potential. Choose wisely.

Daily Mindfulnesss

Daily awareness and habits creates transformation. Consciously creating daily mindful shifts towards healthy, purposeful and authentic living will benefit our children and model to them healthy habits.

Love and Gratitude

We can develop love and gratitude for one's self, other human beings and mother earth.

Trust and Timing

In order to embody true happiness and teach our children to create happiness, we must trust that all is happening in divine order and that we are always in the right place at the right time.

Serving Others

We can only benefit from serving others while living with passion and keeping healthy boundaries.

Become a part of the Mindful Evolution Parenting Movement which is transforming the lives of parents and children all over the world!

This information is for you if:

You are a motivated parent

You want to be the best version of yourself for your child and humanity

You want your child to be a healthy, happy, confident and successful adult

You hope for your child to have the tools to deal with life challenges, their emotions, and day to day ups and downs that arise during growing up and in life

The world is rapidly changing.

Regardless of country, ethnicity, culture or religion, our kids are faced with a world where:

  • parents are busier, sicker and mentally overloaded
  • nutritional food choices are harder to find
  • technology is a dominating part of our lives.

Although we are truly blessed with unlimited opportunities to enjoy life, make an impact, leave a legacy and to communicate beyond geographic boundaries, at the same time our

Advances are destroying our mental, emotional and physical health.

Kids are struggling with how they feel about themselves every day.

We must reach kids at an early age so that they can develop:

  • emotional resilience
  • soaring self-esteem and confidence
  • self-leadership skills to handle the ups and downs of growing up and master their lives as adults

We must provide children with tools needed for:

  • self-love
  • emotional regulation
  • forming positive connections
  • taking inspired action in all of their choices

This is important because just one childhood incident can create a subconscious belief that one can carry into adulthood and have negative consequences for the rest of their lives.

That’s how fragile the minds of our children are. Even as adults, we are carrying sets of unconscious limiting beliefs and patterns affecting the outcome of our lives every day.

That’s where our programs come in

Mindful Evolution (ME) has evolved into two pathways
  1. Working with caregivers, especially moms, to heal all areas of their life and feel empowered to that they can raise their kids consciously and intentionally.
  2. Working with kids, ages 5-14, providing life coaching tools to help them gain confidence, feel happier and experience daily success.
There are a variety of reasons why you may choose a life coaching program for your child

A few are:

  • You want your child to develop self-leadership skills at a young age, outside of what they learn in school
  • Your child may struggle with low self-esteem – getting down on themselves, beating themselves up, or thinking that no one likes them.
  • You child may be going through a big life change, such a move, a new school or divorcing parents 
  • You child is struggling with confidence, shyness or anxiety – shying away from new things or experiences
  • Your child is making poor decisions and poor choices with peers
  • You and your child experience constant struggles at home around homework, chores and other responsibilities
  • As a parent, you yourself are struggling with keeping up with the demands of life and it may negatively be affecting your child.  This is a big one to be aware of, not ashamed of.
Our Unique Approach Uses Stories to Coach Kids

We have partnered with Adventures in Wisdom to bring a personal development curriculum for your child that is comprehensive and fun at the same time, consisting of stories to deliver targeted life skills.

Combined with the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum, our unique approach focuses on harnessing the power within the “whole child” impacting every aspect of their mind, body and soul.  We use:

  • Stories and fun, interactive activities to deliver targeted life skills
  • Mindfulness based practices to balance the mind, body and spirit
  • Personal development tools for daily self-mastery

Our programs are delivered in a funshop setting and reinforced at home.

Benefits to Your Child

Your child will learn how to:

  • Develop Soaring self-esteem
  • Have powerful self-confidence
  • Create happiness and success
  • Manage the ups and downs of growing up!
ME programs empower your child to gain skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. More benefits include:
  • Ability to overcome fear, stress and anxiety
  • Greater emotional resilience and grit
  • A growth mindset
  • More self-respect and respect for others
  • Awareness and accountability for their actions
  • Better decision-making skills
  • Confidence to stand up to peer pressure
  • Understanding how to develop a vision and achieve goals
  • …and so much more!
Your Next Steps

We invite you to browse our events page to see a list of our current program offerings for your child. Please feel free to contact Dimple at or visit our FAQ’s.

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We are excited for you to join our community of motivated parents raising empowered kids and helping us to change the world, one thought, one emotion and one choice at a time!

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