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Book Launch of Courageous Caterpillar

Arora, of Mindful Evolution (ME) and Jennifer Lynne Walker, of Counting Butterflies partnered with author Sandra Wilson to bring the Kindness Kangaroo project to Milton!


Sandra is working on a series of Emotional Animal books to help children understand emotions.

The Kindness Kangaroo Project began when Sandra witnessed a small act of kindness that made a big difference to someone. At first it was just the book 'Kindness Kangaroo' but then ideas emerged for Empathy Elephant and a whole alphabet of emotional animals.

Sandra gathered with our project participants in May to gain insights on creating the story, Courageous Caterpillar.  The story was then presented to our thirteen creative artists who drew pictures for the book, which is now published and being launched!

The book launch event of Courageous Caterpillar will be held at the Milton Public Library on Saturday December 1, 2018 at 1:30-3:30pm.

Dimple, Jennifer and Sandra extend a special thank you to the Milton Public Library, Little Bird Pediatric Dentistry, Michelle Brans of Counting Butterflies, Jennifer Perry of Cannonball Pools and all the families who are participating in the launch.

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Artists:  Adhya Arora 5, Melia Aoki Cioffi 5, Ruby Crossley 10, Nevan Dhaliwal 4, Kailin Francis 7, Diya Majithia 5, Maya Majithia 8, Aiknoor Minhas 4, Nimrita Minhas 9, Emma Perry 8, Elly Perry 10, Suhaas Prasad 8, Raveena Saini 4.


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