Dimple is truly a wise, caring and loving human being.

“Dimple is very intelligent, well organized and caring. She walks the talk! I enjoyed the prizes, the camaraderie and learned sooo much. You are truly a wise, caring and loving human being. I'm honored to have spent the day with you.” ~Anonymous, Windsor, ON

Dimple radiates with love and compassion.

Hi Dimple!!!! I just wanted to thank you again for this weekend. I was in complete awe of you. You’re so beautiful inside and out. You radiate with love and compassion. Your happiness and smile are contagious. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again! ~Alyson Juergens, London, ON

The workshop was exactly what I needed!

“I was at a colleagues place and saw the flyer for the "Heal Your Life" workshop being led by Dimple Arora and I just knew in my heart it was something I needed to take. I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now and found myself to be doing well in most areas of my life, however, seeming to be struggling with forgiveness. Not only forgiving others, but more specifically, forgiving myself. And I knew this was holding me back from believing in myself, feeling good about myself and ultimately pursuing my dreams. I do understand that how I feel about myself will directly correlate to the type of life I am living and knowing this, I wanted more for myself. I knew deep, deep down that I deserved more... but I felt stuck when trying to move forward.

The workshop was exactly what I needed. It was 2 days of what I call "soul food" and it gave me the opportunity to really do some healing on the inside and left me with lots of tools to take with me moving forward. After leaving Dimple's workshop, I felt... well it is difficult to express with words, but let's say - much lighter, inspired and very clear. This feeling has remained with me and not faded away like it has when I have done other workshops. I have been using and practicing some of the tools and they are working!!

I also have more energy and am excited to wake-up everyday and at night, when I go to bed, I feel very grateful. I believe I released a lot over these 2 days and the great part is not only was I able to truly find forgiveness and release the stored energy of those emotions, I was able to fill myself up with love, strength and empowerment. This too has carried with me well after the workshop was completed. It truly was life changing.

Dimple is such a beautiful soul with so much to offer and for those of you that are considering taking the workshop - my love, excitement and joy are with you!!” ~Kristin, Owner, Eva’s Original Chimneys, Mississauga, ON

I am forever grateful for you!

"Today's dec 12th... Exactly 1 yr after 12-12-12... I was so depressed I took a day off work because I didn't know how I would feel emotionally. Little did I know, I was already pregnant! Exactly 1 year later, I'm living my dream! The cleansing, affirmations & new perspective you taught me have all brought me to the wonderful, blessed life I am living today. For that, I am forever grateful for you! I appreciate your impact on my life every day! Thank you, Dimple!"~Anonymous, Kindergarten Teacher, Toronto, ON

If you have the privilege to work with Dimple in any capacity; run, don't walk.

"Dimple is one of the most authentic, real people you will ever have the privilege of meeting. She has a true passion for helping others succeed not only in business, but in their evolution as a person in all areas of life. On top of that, she is smart, intelligent, hardworking, detail oriented, creative and fun. What a winning combination, indeed. If you have the privilege to work with Dimple in any capacity; run, don't walk. You'll love every second of it!” ~Jennifer Trask, Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs, Toronto, ON

Dimple helped me deepen my own understandings of life...

“I have been on my personal healing journey for over 15 years, with ongoing exposure to the works of Louise Hay among many others. I decided to take the Heal Your Life Workshop with Dimple in January, 2012 to use as a testing ground to see if I had healed enough to do the training myself to facilitate workshops. It was fantastic! The intent, warmth, and generosity of time, energy and spirit that Dimple showed was wonderful. She helped me deepen my own understandings of life, some of my challenges, and helped me recognize how much I had progressed in my personal journey.

Some of the things that really touched me, was her willingness to open herself to the group and share some of the challenges she has encountered. She also chose to share how she has worked with these, and is in ongoing evolution and transformation. What came across was a beautiful authentic soul, who may not have all the answers, but is truly centered and fully present. A whole and complete person, that is filled with joy, excitement and a passion for learning and supporting others.” ~Anik Lapointe, Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach, Ottawa, ON, Ottawa, ON

Today has changed my life.

"Many questions have been answered. A very rewarding, informative, eye opening day. Things now make sense. I can now go forward with purpose. Very informative and relaxing. Safe, wonderful experience. Thank you." ~Alison Brown, Mom of 11 Children, St. Thomas, Ottawa, ON

Thank you for reflecting beauty.

"Dimple, you have a strong testimony that gives people hope! Your beautiful smile accepts everyone. Thank you for reflecting beauty. You will touch millions of people! Infinite Gratitude, Infinite Love." ~Yolanda Del Hierro, Holistic Health Practitioner, Colorado, United States

Dear Dimple...

It was such a joy to spend the Saturday with you at - Heal Your Life Workshop. It was my honor to have you to present this workshop at One Love Country Yoga studio. The whole workshop just went with such ease. I love the way that you presented your knowledge - with such friendliness, warmth, clarity and by sharing your personal healing story with us. I love the guided meditations - your voice is so gentle, yet with knowing power.

With my yoga journey, my main attention is on the inner peaceful, joyful self. It's so wonderful to be balanced with out_world expression of our magnificent Self. You have provided many valuable tools just to do that. Thank you so much for your amazing gift. You're so amazing! with Love and Gratitude," ~Wen, Owner, One Love Country Yoga, Halton Hills, ON

I am so glad that I got to know you!

“Dimple, thanks again for the workshop you held this weekend. I feel like all the information and techniques you gave us this weekend really hit me hard and sunk in. I've been grounding myself everyday, saying my affirmations every morning, before I go to bed and all throughout the day. You've really changed my life and I'm excited for my future now. You are such a beautiful person and I am so glad that I got to know you!” ~Cristina, Yoga Instructor, Oakville, ON

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

"This workshop was the perfect gateway for me in my spiritual journey. I am so blessed and grateful to have Dimple and Heidi in my life as they both radiate so much joy, peace and love. Being in their presence is such a gift!! This workshop was very emotionally intense, teaching us how to forgive and be grateful. I would recommend this to anyone who is on a spiritual path whether just beginning or well into your journey! Thanks Dimple and Heidi from the bottom of my heart!" ~Anonymous, Project Manager, Waterloo, ON

Dimple speaks from the heart...

"Dimple speaks from the heart with experience about the specifics of a healthy lifestyle physically, spiritually and emotionally when confronting the issues of health, wellness and nutrition. She brings to the table of life a menu of personal sacrifices and success that provide a perfect example of the true meaning of complete wellness." ~Patricia Mayes, CEO, Sacred Spaces Grief Services, Washington, United States

Dimple, you are an amazing speaker, very gentle and well organized.

"It was great going through all the exercises with you. I will always remember that my health needs to be taken care of. All the best. You are an amazing trainer!" ~Parmita Mittal, Heal Your Life Teacher, Bangalore, India

Dimple radiates with love and compassion.

“I had an amazing time this weekend, the workshop was everything I had hoped it would be and more. You are seriously an angel in my life. Thank you for giving me some strength I didn't know I had.” ~Kylie, Oakville, ON

Dimple, you present with love and clarity.

"I experienced a sense of well being and compassion in your workshop. Thank you!" ~Diana Isaac, Heal Your Life Teacher, Texas, United States