Jan 16 2019 - Mar 27 2019


5:30 pm - 6:40 pm



FUNSHOP 3: I GOT THIS! (6-12yrs)


• Does your child have BIG emotions when they make a mistake and can’t get past it?

• Does your child get stuck from being anxious or nervous in new situations? You wish they would just let loose and enjoy themselves.

• Does your child get very down on themselves if they are not reaching their goals or feel that they are not doing good enough?

• Does your child need techniques to calm down and experience stillness?

• Could your child use some stress management techniques?

• Is your child unable to handle change very well?

• Does your child seem to have outside influences controlling them instead of them controlling their mind?

If you said yes to any of the above, this class is for your child!

Learn to Powershift and Bust Through Fear, Mistakes, Failure and Change

This course is one of 4 modules with 27 targeted skills from the WISDOM system from Adventures in Wisdom, aimed at teaching kids life skills that will last them a lifetime. To learn more about the WISDOM system, please visit

Key Skills:

• Belief Systems – How Your Mind Shapes Your World
• Powershifting – How to Choose Your Experience
• Overcoming Mistakes
• How to Manage Fear, Create Courage and Bust Outside of Your Comfort Zone
• Moving Past Failure
• Managing Change
• Managing Conditional Thinking
• Summing it all up with Stress Management and Mindfulness in each class

Each class uses stories, crafts, movement, play and more to deliver the targeted skill!

10 Week Program Jan. 16 – Mar. 27
Wednesdays 5:30pm – 6:40pm

345 Steeles Ave. E, Unit 200
Milton, ON L9T 3G6 (Remax building)


To register, please click register below. For questions or additional information, email or call 905-580-5100.

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