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Little Bird Pediatric Dentistry, Milton ON
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Apr 10 2019 - Jun 19 2019


6:45 pm - 8:00 pm





Radiate from the Inside Out! Be the Light!

Do you ever notice your daughter 11-15 years old experiencing

• Consistent Negative self-talk?
• Feelings of inadequacy?
• Fear of rejection or abandonment?
• Shame about who they are?

Many girls suffer from feelings that they are not good enough at a young age.

Your daughter may be struggling with feelings of:

• Self-Doubt
• Low Self-Esteem
• Not Being Good Enough
• Not Being Confident Enough
• Unresolved Anger

We invite your daughter

to join our safe, sacred space to start a remarkable journey of emotional self-discovery, learning techniques and strategies that will help her to:

• Develop Soaring Self-esteem and Powerful Self-Confidence
• Honor Her Uniqueness
• Believe in Herself
• Make Good Decisions and Stand Up to Peer Pressure
• Master the Secrets to Feeling Powerful and in Charge of Her Life

The program teaches meditation, self-talk, visualization, mindfulness, mind power, nutrition, stress reduction techniques and life coaching skills that will impact her for a lifetime. All the techniques are simple, easy to implement and proven effective.

Near the end of the program, the girls are given the opportunity to participate in a volunteer initiative in the community.

Life Changing Curriculum

The curriculum is created and taught by Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Dimple Arora. The 11-week curriculum is as follows:

1. Introduction to Meditation, Energy, Setting Intentions and Journaling
2. Examining Self-talk and Powershifting
3. Measuring Emotions and Raising Your Vibe with Gratitude
4. Stress management
5. Nutrition for Healthy Teen Years
6. Nurturing Family Relationships
7. Peers and Friendships
8. Responsible Social Media
9. Living Life by Design
10. Manifesting with Ease and Intention Boarding
11. Contribution to Humanity. Volunteer Opportunity Prep and Plan

During each class, the girls also have the opportunity to have their deepest questions discussed and answered within the power circle. At the end of the course, girls are encouraged to participate in a group volunteer opportunity.

During the 11-week GLOW Program, you daughter will

• Gain confidence that she is good enough
• Learn to know and love who she truly is
• Become more of her true self
• Trust that others can love the real her
• Understand how nutrition and stress affects her mind, body and spirit
• Gain access to the techniques used to combat anxiety and depression manifest anything she wants with ease
• Have an opportunity to examine the relationships around her
• Join a siSTARhood of peers in a safe environment
• Become equipped with valuable life coaching tools that will change her life forever
• Have a personal development coaching experience with expert guidance!

Give your daughter the opportunity to RADIATE from the INSIDE OUT!

The program takes place on Wednesdays 6:45pm – 8pm for 11 Weeks Starting on

Winter: January 9 – March 27, 2019. (no class March break)

Spring: April 10 – June 19, 2019.


Please click on the booking link below to register or contact Dimple at 905-580-5100 or by email at dimple@mindfulevolution.ca

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GLOW Power Circle Per Child

GLOW Power Circle

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