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New Sessions Start July 2023

Get Your Summer GLOW On


A 6-Week Peer Support & Empowerment Circle for Girls Going to Grade 9 or Beyond! 

Welcome to a community where there's no performance, no backlash and no negativity - girls get to be themselves.

I know your daughter is kick'in butt!  Let's take that to the next level!

Does your daughter know how to show up and be true to herself in today's world?

It's an overwhelming place where patriarchy still exists, social media pressure is on the rise and women are continuously required to work harder to succeed.  

How will you empower your daughter to keep rising up with confidence, despite the challenges?

GLOW is the Path to Your Empowered Teen. It is a luxe, transformative mastermind experience for ambitious teen girls who are ready to step into their power, have more fun, feel their best, surround themselves with safe and beautiful relationships and become leaders of their own lives, without the stress and overwhelm.  

6-Weeks Online
Tuesdays, July 11-Aug 22

(time may change depending on locations of participants)

GLOW will help your daughter to:

  • Handle Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm like a Boss

  • Increase Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Optimize Self-Care for Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

  • Feel Energized, Empowered and Excited About Life

"Thank you so much for running this program, I’m so grateful... We have had several profound conversations over the past few weeks. You’re amazing and the work you are doing is truly magic. My 10-year-old can hardly wait for her turn!"

~Parveen, mom
“Glow really helped me with my self-confidence and positive image. It has had a big impact on not only me but even my peers. It has made me realize how to have a positive and happy outlook on life and to love me for me. I would do it again!”
~ Asyrya, GLOW graduate

Hey Mom, 

Your daughter is doing amazing!  She's graduated from middle school and is kicking butt in life. 

However, just like us adults, the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. It has brought up so many emotions for us as adults, affecting us on every level of health, mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s take extra effort for us to put our tools and techniques into practice to stay present, accept what is and thrive during this time. According to statistics, this pandemic has also left our teens feeling depleted in ways that we may not realize.

You may have noticed a change in your teen daughter, particularly around her mental and emotional health. She may have responded positively to the changes and demonstrated how resilient she really is. That’s great! We want to keep  empowering her and take her to the next level!

We want her to walk through high school with:

  • Less Anxiety

  • More Energy

  • Unwavering Motivation

  • Positive Emotions

  • Feelings of Being Good Enough

  • Support By A Peer Community (we also have a membership option!)

Happy Teens

Introducing the GLOW program

Launched in 2018, the GLOW Program is a safe and heart-centered empowerment circle, where I teach some of my best techniques to help young girls thrive.

I’d like to invite your daughter to share this space with her peers as I guide them on a remarkable personal development journey learning techniques and strategies that will help her to:

• Gain clarity on who she really is and who she wants to be
• Practice regulating her emotions and her moods
• Implement effective stress and time management practices
• Be able to communicate more effectively
• Understand how to bounce back from disappointments
• Master the relationship with her thoughts, affecting her outcomes

Thoughts – Emotions – Actions - Results


6-Weeks of Peer Support & Empowerment with Dimple Arora, a Certified Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and EFT/NLP Practitioner

There is no program out there like this to empower your daughter to be her best self. This 6 week journey will leave her feeling more energized, empowered and excited about life.

"As we headed into the tween/teen years with our oldest, I knew I needed to enroll her in a program that would help her navigate her emotions and changes, etc. When I came across Dimple Arora's programs, I signed my daughter up. I don’t ask my daughter how the classes are  as I’ve learned not to ask direct questions as I’ll get, “Fine”, but her body language and attitude shifted. Please check out Dimple Arora – Mindful Evolution and chat with Dimple. Thanks so much for creating a safe space for my child."

~ Kristin, mom

Give your daughter the opportunity to RADIATE from the INSIDE OUT!


Week 1: You Know You GLOW When...

Introduction to the Mind Body Connection

The girls will be introduced to intention setting, journalling, compassionate inquiry and mindfulness techniques to increase awareness and self-love for themselves.


Week 2: Ultimate GLOW Up

Optimal Nutrition and Lifestyle

The girls will learn the ultimate self-care routines to optimize their appearance and physical and emotional resilience.


Week 3: Get Your GLOW On

Stress Management Techniques

We discuss of the nervous system and learn multiple techniques on how to achieve a state of calm and balance throughout the day.


Week 4: You GLOW Girl

Managing Emotions

A class on understanding and processing emotions. Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and how and when to use it to manage and eliminate stress, phobias, anxiety, health issues, trauma and more.  This week is about mastering emotions.


Week 5: GLOW Power

Friendships and Relationships

Understanding the power of sisterhood and supporting others, how to be a good friend and use love languages to empower other girls .


Week 6: Let's Talk GLOW

Empowered Communication

Learn how to say “No”, communicate your needs effectively and how to speak up and stand up for yourself in a multitude of situations.

What Others are Saying

"This message comes a little late, but I’ve been meaning to reach out to let you know that your messages had a tremendous impact on Ava. She walked away with very useful strategies to help her stay positive and true to herself. She admits she could use more “Dimple days”.

~ Teresa, Mom

"GLOW is amazing.  I feel empowered.  I learned a lot of creative ways to be more health and happy!"

"The GLOW program with Dimple worked wonders for my daughter in her daily life and in school. She implemented the teachings by creating a brand-new club at her school, approved by the teachers. highlighting the importance of mindfulness among all of the students. Looking forward to future programs for my daughter."
~Rupali, mom
"GLOW was super cool.  It was nice being with other girls from other schools. I don't know where else I would have learned this stuff.  It was really interesting and a great way to learn about yourself and ways to love yourself."


1. GLOW with the FLOW: How to menstruate like a teen goddess

2. Tap Into Calm Masterclass for Mother and Daughter

Your Investment: $397

Listen, I know your daughter will love it. 

If you're not sure, email me today at and I'll send you the link for her to join the first class before she commits.

The teenage years are critical to a girls' self-esteem. Don't leave it up to chance to ensure your daughter can walk with her head high in this world and achieve her goals with healthy confidence.

Empower her with tools and techniques that will serve her for a lifetime.


About Dimple Arora

Dimple Arora is a Certified Teacher, Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Energy Practitioner that has been serving women and girls to improve their mindset, heal their emotions and reach their highest potential in health and life for a decade now.


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