Are Your Kids Learning Critical Life Skills?

“There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.”  ~ Marianne Williamson

Gone are the days when the path to adulting was straightforward; get a good education which lands a good job and you’re set to making a decent living and raising a family.   In a recent Gallup poll, 87% of people globally are disengaged with their jobs.   We are living in a society where burn out and fatigue are the norm.

Although we are truly blessed with unlimited opportunities to enjoy life, make an impact, leave a legacy and to communicate beyond geographic boundaries, at the same time our advances are destroying our mental, emotional and physical health.   We are in a critical time in human history where we must choose which way we are going with our families.

Our kids have access to a world where possibilities for their future are endless and yet, our kids are struggling with how they feel about themselves every day.   Most of our children are already burnt out and not being equipped with the tools needed for them to experience

  • self-love
  • emotional regulation and resilience
  • healthy boundaries and relationships
  • the ability to manage stress and the ups and downs of growing up

These are critical life skills that are not being taught in schools.  Our children spend hundreds of hours learning their letters and numbers, but they are not learning how to use their minds to directly impact their lives.  It doesn’t make sense that the personal development world focuses on grown-ups when our core thoughts and beliefs that shape who we are and how we respond to life are formed during childhood.

It’s important for kids to develop their mindset because it’s the thoughts they choose that directly impact every aspect of their lives, from their self-confidence and self-esteem, to their happiness and what they create for themselves.

As parents, we hope that we are being good role models for our children but between working, cooking meals, driving to and from extra-curricular activities and managing social media distractions and life, who has the time or energy to provide their children with mindset training?

This is where life coaching for kids comes in.

Life coaching for kids is essentially mindset development training, empowering kids with a specific set of skills that they can use throughout their childhood, teen years and for the rest of their lives.

It is what children need to target the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that hold them back.   Kids are taught to use the power of their mind and thoughts to create confidence, happiness and success in their lives.

In a fast paced world, in order for our children to become confident, happy and successful adults, they must be able to shift their consciousness towards

  • learning faster and more efficiently
  • learning stress management through mindfulness and meditation
  • forming positive and healthy relationships with themselves and others
  • contribution to humanity.

The only way for them to accomplish this is to be taught targeted life skills at a young age, whether at home or with a professional.

As parents, we all have dreams for our children.  Our children are meant to be mindful leaders of their own lives and we can definitely teach them how to be.  Let’s teach our kids how to live in an expansive state, to own their magnificence and really go for it in life so they can reach their highest potential.  Let’s help our children learn how to take their life wherever they want to go, one thought, one emotion and one choice at a time.  Join the mindful parenting movement and enroll your child in one of our life coaching programs today!

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