Stories from 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds.

It’s an honor to share this journey with 29 truly remarkable women.

“Powerful beyond measure...a must-read.” ~Colette Baron Reid

“Well…I can’t put this book down! Thank you for sharing it with me!” ~ Jennifer Lynne Walker, Counting Butterflies, Child and Family Wellness

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"I read your chapter first and it was amazing.  I can so relate to it.  Now I’m starting from the beginning.  I can’t put the book down, it is so far written flawlessly.  I feel like each chapter relates to a feeling I have had or are feeling due to certain situations in life.  It is so relatable to ones life!"


Hi.  I’m reading your story.  I suffer with fibromyalgia and two kinds of lyme disease.  I’m crying because no one understands my pain or that my day job is making it worse.  Thank you for telling your story. Here's to amazing & powerful women doing amazing & powerful things!"



It's a critical time in the world's history, especially for women. We are being called upon like never before to stand up, come together, and rewrite our futures.

To remember where we've been, how we got here, and what we want moving forward.

Allow this book to take you on a journey, to find your voice and possibly feel inspired to share your story too.

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 The world is in a critical time right now, especially for women.

We are  being called like never before to stand up,

come together, and rewrite  our futures.

To remember where we’ve been, how we got here,

and what we  want moving forward.

"Simply…Woman!: Stories from 30 magnificent women  

who have risen against the odds"

is a compilation of different women’s  experiences;

all living in different parts of the world.

No chapter is the same. No story is the same.

They are one woman’s journey from pain  and suffering

into wisdom and truth.

Let them speak to you. Evoke you.  Enlighten and educate you.

This is how we heal our legacy.

This is how  we heal our future.

This is how we heal the world . . . One important  woman at a time.

#TogetherWeRise #TimesUp


Meet Dimple

Dimple Arora, contributing author, is the founder of Mindful Evolution — a mindfulness movement that empowers women and children towards self-love, positive connection and inspired action. Dimple is certified in life coaching and alternative healing modalities. She holds degrees in mathematics, business, and education and is a licensed Heal Your Life teacher and a registered holistic nutritionist. Learn more.

Meet Crystal

Crystal Andrus Morissette is the author of four other international bestselling books. A media darling, she's been in the New York Post, the UK Daily Mail, the Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star, as well as CBS Radio, CanadaAM, CityTV, Global TV, and Slice TV.

Thank you for your support on this exciting endeavor. It is so appreciated!


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