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Workshops and Seminars that Educate, Empower and Inspire Action, Leaving a Lasting Impression

Dimple is a natural speaker and workshop facilitator with insight, energy and warmth.

She entertains and educates her audiences with anecdotes, personal stories, interactive activities, wisdom and an openness that provides a safe space for growth and sharing.

Dimple draws upon her experience in the field of wellness, along with her personal transformation to engage and inspire her audiences.


Dimple is available for speaking engagements for schools, corporations, businesses, associations, networking events, wellness-specific and women inspired trainings. Her goal is to facilitate the desired outcome you wish to create. To inquire about Dimple speaking at your next event, please contact ME today.

"You are an amazing trainer!"

"Dimple, you are an amazing speaker, very gentle and well organized. It was great going through all the exercises with you. I will always remember that my health needs to be taken care of. All the best. You are an amazing trainer!" ~Parmita Mittal, Heal Your Life Teacher, Bangalore, India/span>

Speaking Topics

The most requested topics include the following. There are half day and full day options available as well.

Simply Woman – What the Soul Cannot Digest

"Simply… Woman: Stories from 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds" is a powerfully moving compilation of women's experiences from all over the globe. Each story uncovers a different journey from pain and suffering to wisdom and truth.

In her chapter, What the Soul Cannot Digest, Dimple shares her trials and tribulations with ill health from childhood into her adult life and how she healed her body, her mind and her spirit. She delivers a powerful keynote upon the topics of childhood trauma, healing the body from fibromyalgia, mindfulness, self-love, forgiveness and becoming empowered.

Let Dimple share Simply Woman with your group, to enlighten you, inspire you and evoke you.

It's a critical time in the world's history, especially for women. We are being called upon like never before to stand up, come together, and rewrite our futures. To remember where we've been, how we got here, and what we want moving forward. Sharing is how we will forge our legacy, create a better future, heal the world . . . one strong woman at a time. #TogetherWeRise #TimesUp

The Ultimate Healing Wisdom Masterclass – Fibromyalgia

In this presentation, Dimple presents the exact steps she used to heal from a lifetime of ailments, popping prescription pills and a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

Attendees will gain awareness of:

  • What causes Fibromyalgia
  • Where the healing must start for success
  • The importance of healing the gut and the process to do so
  • How to work with regulating the rhythms of the body and the right exercises to guide the body through the healing process
  • The top foods that need to be added and eliminated in the diet to facilitate the healing process
  • How Fibromyalgia patients sabotage themselves in mind, body and spirit

Knowledge and tools will be provided for Fibromyalgia patients to:

  • Gain sustainable health and have more energy
  • Fall in love with themselves
  • Feel more inspired and, ultimately,
  • Heal FOR GOOD!

Parenting & Children’s Wellness and Nutrition

  • Eating Essentials for Raising Healthy Children
  • Gut Health and Digestion in the Early Years
  • How to Start Raising Healthy Adults in the Early Years
  • Training your Child’s Brain for Soaring Self-esteem and Powerful Self-confidence

Women’s Self-Care and Wellness

Some of the topics Dimple can speak of in depth are:

  • How to heal the gut and it’s importance in various diseases
  • How to navigate the conventional medical system as a patient while being an advocate for your own heath
  • How to transform limiting self-talk and beliefs in order to gain better health, relationships and abundance
  • The use of Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT, tapping) to quickly reduce stress, pain or limiting emotions
  • Energy exercises as a tool to quickly transcend negative emotional states and bring calm and flow to the mind and body
  • How to create authentic, purposeful living to bring more joy into life
  • The health benefits of meditation and gratitude and how to incorporate these practices into daily life
  • The chakra energy system and how it can bring health to every aspect of life
  • Healing the inner child and becoming whole
  • Womanhood and how to heal our lives

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